Protective Division

Guardianship Stream

Applications about people with decision-making disabilities.

It was the Guardianship and Administration Board.

Mental Health Stream

Applications about the care of people who are being treated for mental illness.

It was the Mental Health Tribunal.

General Division

Resource and Planning Stream

Appeals and applications about Planning, Environment, Building, Strata Titles.

It was the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Personal Compensation Stream

Proceedings about compensation in relation to motor accidents, asbestos and workers rehabilitation and compensation.

It was the Motor Accident Compensation Tribunal; the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal; the Asbestos Compensation Tribunal.

Anti-Discrimination Stream

Reviews and referrals from discrimination and vilification complaints.

It was the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

Health Practitioners Stream

Applications about regulation of practice or misconduct of health professionals.

It was the Health Practitioners Tribunal.

Forestry Practices Stream

Appeals about forest practices.

It was the Forest Practices Tribunal.