Introduction of Advance Care Directives

On Monday 21 November 2022, changes to the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995 (the Act) will commence, providing a legal framework in Tasmania for making and registering Advance Care Directives (ACD’s).

An ACD is a document setting out a person’s future health care and treatment preferences,  for use at a time where they may have impaired decision-making ability.

From Monday 21 November, it will be possible to register an ACD made in accordance with the Act , with the Tribunal. There is no mandatory requirement to register an ACD, an ACD made in accordance with the Act will be valid even if it is not registered with the Tribunal.

For more information on ACD’s, including how to register with the Tribunal, please review our fact sheet.

The Government’s ACD form and information sheet.

Updated: 21st November 2022