COVID-19 information (Updated 1/07/2022)

Broadcasting of Cable Car Appeal Hearing

After consultation with the parties to this appeal, the Tribunal has determined that it will video record these proceedings and upload the recordings to the Department of Justice YouTube channel each day of the hearing (due to commence Monday 22 August 2022).  The uploads will occur during the lunch adjournment and at the end of the day.  This has been done to allow persons who are interested in watching the proceedings the opportunity to do so remotely.

The Tribunal is required by law to ensure people with disabilities have the same access to information and services as others in the community (Disability Discrimination Act 1992). This process is to achieve the greatest possible access to video content and to ensure both closed captions and a transcript of a video is included in its broadcasting of video recordings as part of web accessibility obligations. The Department of Justice cannot support the closed captioning of live streamed proceedings at this time.  It is the process that was adopted by the Supreme Court to permit persons to observe the Dunalley Bushfire Trial.  Please note there is a time delay from when the videos are uploaded and when the closed captioning appears which relates to the software processing the relevant content.

The hearing of this appeal involves a large number of parties, their legal representatives and witnesses. Both the main hearing room and an overflow room will be needed to accommodate the parties, their representatives and witnesses.  The Tribunal must also ensure the safety of attendees to the Tribunal premises having regard to the COVID19 pandemic. This has limited the number of persons who may be accommodated in the rooms of the Tribunal.  As such, the Tribunal has limited capacity to accommodate a public gallery.  Members of the public who are interested in watching the proceedings are encouraged to please access the recordings that will be provided.  The Tribunal has also provided assistance to members of the media to enable their coverage of the proceedings.

The Tribunal appreciates the high level of interest in these proceedings and wishes to assist members of the public in observing the proceedings to the best of its ability having regard to the matters set out above.

Updated: 26th August 2022